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Just like so many people around the world, BGA and Dance Attitudes were effected by the recent pandemic.  Closing our doors without knowing what the future holds has been hard for us and our staff.   We are happy to finally start returning to some sort of new normal.   Thank you all for your patience as we all work through this hard time.

Our primary focus is and always has been to have a safe facility for our staff and clients. Our facility has been cleaned and disinfected by professionals 2 times now including a thorough steam cleaning of all soft surfaces like carpet. 

In order to keep safety as our number one goal, we have implemented new protocols in accordance with the CDC and State of Texas guidelines.  Please monitor your email for these changes.  We ask that everyone be understanding and patient since we will most likely have to adjust these protocols as time goes on. 

In order to meet the above guidelines, we have had to completely adjust the summer schedule to accommodate the changes.   Please make sure to check your email for the correct class information and submit your re-registration.

If you have any questions please feel free to email or call the office lines at 409-860-4001 or 409-866-0656.

What's Happening




Gymnastics and Tumbling classes are going to fill fast. Call the office or login here More Info...


Covid Health Guidelines


Our primary focus is safety for our staff and our clients. There are many changes in our facility and how students are taking classes. Please look for information in your email accounts. Any questions please call the office

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