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Pre-Ballet and Pre-Tap – this level of classes are for 3 -4 year old. Starting out with Pre-Ballet we teach the basic fundamentals of Classical Ballet, learning French terms and steps and motor skills for coordination that will be the students building blocks in dance. At the age of 4, the Pre-Tap class may be added along with Pre-Ballet. Pre-Tap teaches rhythm, and develops intricate movement for a dancer. Students will learn the different sounds their foot can make along with basic tap steps.
Dress: Black leotard, tank style, white socks or pink Capezio tights, pink leather ballet shoes(no satin slippers). Hair is neatly pulled away from face. Males are to wear white t-shirt and black shorts, white socks and black ballet shoes.

Ballet – It is the foundation of all dance. Students are highly encouraged to study it first and along with other dance forms. The use of technical vocabulary of steps, poses, leaps and jumps, to convey a story/theme/atmosphere. Each level, whether it be determined by age or ability, will teach movement that envelopes grace and technique.
Pointe - the progression of movement once a child is strong physically and in technique. A form of dance that is performed on the tips of the toes through the use of specific shoes. Usually this will not happen before the age of 11 so as not to interfere with a students physical growth.
Dress: Black leotard, Pink Capezio tights, Pink leather ballet shoes, short ballet skirt is optional for Intermediate and above(see dance wear store). Advanced level classes optional leotard colors. NO shorts or shirts. Body alignment is extremely important for the instructor to see. Hair is in a secured bun for 9-10 yr old and older. All younger levels may wear a secured ponytail.

Jazz - A stylized and technical form of dance that considers placement, precision, strength, flexibility, and a ballet foundation combined with the use of rhythmic music.
Dress: Black leotard, black jazz pants or dance shorts(hot pants), black pull on jazz shoes and dance tights, NO socks. Hair secured in ponytail. No shirts.

Tap - Tap is a technique that is excellent for development of coordination and rhythmic strengths. Tap teaches rhythmic movement, musicality, and agility. rhythmic movement, Dress: Black leotard, black jazz pants or dance shorts(hot pants), black pull on jazz tap shoes and dance tights, hair securely pulled back.usicality, and agility.

Hip Hop – A structured form of street dance often found in music videos, designed to teach coordination, strength, quickness, agility and endurance accompanied with popular R&B music.
Dress: Dance sneakers required, jazz pants or sweats, dance shirt optional.

Lyrical - A combination of ballet and jazz technique and is more expressive in nature. It allows the individual to bring personal freedom, spirit and creativity to their movement.
Dress: Black leotard, jazz pants or shirts, Capezio tights. Capezio Caramel jazz shoe; dance paws for levels Int/Adv & Advanced levels.





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